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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are responsible for the processing and storing personal information of consumers of Vinisan LLC services, as well as visitors to vinisan.com. Personal Information is any information about a person that allows identifying that person, directly or indirectly, including personal data, in accordance with the law on personal data protection.

This Privacy Policy describes the types of personal information we receive from users of our sites (including the mobile version of the site) and customers of VINISAN LLC. In addition, this document describes in detail the ways and methods for collecting and processing your personal information.

What information do we collect?
Why do we collect information?
Personal data protection

What information do we collect?

The information you give us
VINISAN LLC collects and processes the following information: name, surname and patronymic names of a user (customer), postal address, e-mail address and phone number. We only collect data that you voluntarily provide to us. In addition, when you visit our websites, we may receive certain information about you automatically. Such information may include: your IP address, your computer/ mobile device operating system and browser type, your device type, your unique device identifier (UDID) or your mobile equipment identifier (MEID), website address, which featured a link about us and information about the pages you visited on our site. The website vinisan.com collects information about your behavior on our site and visits to the pages of the site, in order to obtain statistics of visits and efficiency of website usage, to form a personal approach and adapt our services to the interests of each user. We do this with different technologies, one of which is cookies. These are the data that a website can send to your browser and it will be stored on your computer for its further identification by the website. Cookie files can be used to form a personalized approach based on the user’s existing experience with the site and its interaction benefits or to evaluate website performance. Over time, this information improves the experience of using the site.

2. Why do we collect information?

For the purpose of providing services, your personal information from vinisan.com may be used and processed within the company VINISAN LLC. Any use of your personal information within the company VINISAN LLC is subject to this Privacy Policy. If you make a purchase or leave a request on our site, you automatically agree to be included in the mailing list. We can send you messages containing marketing and promotional information about our products and services, promotional offers, etc. You can always unsubscribe from the mailing list in a letter or by emailing us at marketing@vinisan.com.

3. Personal data protection

VINISAN LLC does not sell, transmit or disclose personally identifiable information of customers or website users to third parties. VINISAN LLC takes all commercially reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and data obtained in the course of using the website or services of VINISAN LLC. We strive to protect your personal information, but we urge you to take all reasonable care to protect your personal information when it is transmitted. For these reasons, you can change passwords more often, use letter and number combinations, and use a secure browser. You fully control all personal information you provide to us. You have the right to refine or change any personal information we have received from you, or to change the settings for receiving advertising and marketing information from us and our partners. You have the right at any time to ask us to delete all information collected about you (right to be forgotten). Please email us or send a letter to do this. Please note that the withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data entails the removal of your account from vinisan.com, as well as the destruction of records containing your personal data in the systems of processing personal data of the company VINISAN LLC, which may make it impossible to use the Internet services of VINISAN LLC.