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The only ones in the domestic market.

Vinisan LLC is the only approved manufacturer of artificial shoe leather in Ukraine. Our shoe vinyl leather has been meeting the needs of both the shoe market of Ukraine and of the neighboring countries for several years already. Among domestic manufacturers of artificial leather, we are the only ones that have the technology to give leather the necessary properties of frost resistance and fire resistance.

Vinisan LLC also has an in-house accredited laboratory whose task is to monitor the quality of products and their compliance with the wishes and criteria of our customers. While our competitors’ leather can’t withstand frosts up to 10 degrees, our leather can withstand frosts over 20 degrees below zero!

We add a special certificate with the necessary indicators to each batch of leather.

This is exactly why we are sure to offer you collaboration where you do not have to worry about whether the products made from our materials withstand different atmospheric or climatic conditions.

Best regards, Vinisan LLC


Used Mokka and Sirocco leather


Espresso Used blue and gray leather Frisco